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Without visits, there are no sales

Let's talk about web traffic and how to increase it to improve our commercial campaigns. The number of users who visit a website is what we call traffic, regardless of the reasons why they got there. Each visit can turn into a customer for your products and/or services!

How do they get to our website?

Organically: They arrive at the website after making a search on any of the Internet search engines, like Google, and it shows them the URL on its results page.

Through social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other platforms can be a channel that directs users to a website.

Email marketing: Thanks to users providing their emails, we can reach their inboxes with different proposals to explore the website.

Through paid advertising and SEM: Paid campaigns can bring a large amount of traffic to a website and increase the reach of any brand.

Through referrals: It consists of capturing traffic through the appearance of your website on other media, such as blogs.

But then, what do I gain with more traffic?

The more visits a website has, the more visibility and prestige it has, which leads to more benefits because it increases the possibility of converting those visits into leads that can become customers for your brand.

Additionally, the published content reaches many more users, and every new marketing strategy will be more successful than the previous one.