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Why are keywords important for SEO

In digital marketing, keywords serve as a guide for a company's website to be easily found.

When people search for a product on the internet, they type words into the browser's search bar, and the top related results appear. The way the search engine determines which results to position first depends on whether the keywords of those articles match what the user typed and a wide range of other factors. To understand why they are crucial, one must consider the following:

They help your content to be found:

You have to imagine your website like a shop on a busy street. Without clear signs (keywords), people would pass by without knowing what it offers. But with the right ones, striking signs are placed that indicate to the public what's inside. This increases the chances that they will enter and fully discover what the company offers.

They make your content what the audience needs:

It's not just about attracting visitors but attracting the right people. Keywords help customize your content to match what people are searching for. This means that when someone clicks on your site, they are more likely to find exactly what they need.

They contribute to scaling positions on Google:

Google uses keywords to understand what each page is about. If your content contains relevant keywords, it increases the chances of your company appearing in the top results when someone searches for content related to yours.

This selection can also enhance your ability to reach your target audience: if you ensure that your words align with both the content of your page and the user's search intent, it increases the likelihood that visitors who arrive at your site through an organic search will stay on it.