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What do new talents want when looking for a job?

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    18 January 2023

Did you know that Argentina is the Latin American country with the highest percentage of employees working in a hybrid manner?

According to a study by WeWork and Michael Page, which interviewed more than 8,000 people in six Latin American countries, 86% of Argentines work in a hybrid manner, 14% work completely remotely, and only 4% continue to go to the office every day in person.

The survey was conducted to understand the new habits, priorities, demands, and values of professionals in the region after the pandemic and confinement.

What are the advantages of the new work paradigm?

87% consider the reduction in commuting time to be the main advantage of the hybrid work model.

People increasingly value the balance between personal and work life, so they favor employers who offer a flexible work model. Companies must understand that well-being is no longer seen as a benefit but as a fundamental strategy for success.

Hand in hand with Generation Z (born 1997 and 2012), which already constitutes 30% of the workforce, the requirements when taking a job are changing.

It is no longer enough for companies to offer good remuneration, and they must propose a range of benefits to attract and retain new and old talents. The two unbeatable requirements are: remote or hybrid mode and a good salary, but with an explicit clarification about the salary adjustment.

In addition, Manpower lists other factors that matter when accepting a job:

  • Choose start and end times
  • More vacation days
  • Completely flexible work options (35%)
  • Health and well-being of employees
  • Creating new work models
  • Improving skills, learning, and development.

Improving skills, learning, and development.