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Video will also replace photos in e-commerce

In every corner of the internet, the use of TikTok or Reels-style videos is a trend, and e-commerce is no exception. In Argentina, 9 out of 10 people with internet access make online purchases, making this tool crucial for sales.

The most popular resources are choreographies, life hacks, and collaborations with influencers or celebrities, which provide brands with popularity and data.

"In Argentina, it is estimated that e-commerce penetration over total retail will reach 23% in no more than three years," said Mercado Libre's VP of Commerce Marketing, Pablo García, to IProUp.

In fact, the retail giant implemented a new feature with videos to showcase products in a more detailed way and bring customers as close as possible to reality. For now, it is being tested with a small group of sellers.

"4 out of 10 sales were initiated through a social network," Tiendanube's executive Camila Nasir also assured. As complementary sales channels, social media sales represent 41% of conversions in Argentine Tiendas Nube.

In this landscape, betting on video is a solid marketing strategy, and collaboration with content creators is an alliance that brings a special value due to the bond generated and sustained with their community.