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The network within the network. The place where you need to be

The Google Display Network (GDN) can be an excellent alternative when there is too much competition in search engines. But what is the GDN?

It is a collection of over 200 million websites, apps, and videos where your Google ads can appear and reaches 90% of internet users worldwide. As a company or organization, you need to have a website or platform with good traffic to join, and then Google makes us part of the network.

When a brand or marketing professional advertises on the GDN, their ads will appear in any of the spaces that make up this network.

The goal of the GDN is the same as the search network: to increase brand visibility. But there are substantial differences.

When we google something, it's because we have something in mind that we want to know, buy, read, or see. This prior interest will get different responses in Google's search engine, depending on how the search is phrased, and there we can advertise our solutions.

The Display Network, on the other hand, consists of displaying ads of interest while the person is browsing and does not depend on a word that the user includes. It is worth clarifying that there are infinite options to customize audience targeting.

When the goal is to create brand awareness more cost-effectively, then using the GDN is appropriate since there is less competition for keyword bids. Although the audience's intent is not as strong, we will achieve a lower cost per click with more impressions, making it more likely to reach users actively looking for what we offer.