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November 30th: Influencer Day

What does a person need to have to be an influencer on social media? It's not the number of followers or the type or quantity of content they post, but the engagement they generate.

Influencers are content creators and curators who build communities. Their opinions are taken into account (usually on a particular topic) and they are perceived as peers of ordinary people.

Technically, we are not referring to people who are famous outside of the digital world (such as singers or athletes), but to those who emerge from social media and achieve a lot of interaction with their posts.

This popularity also depends on the social network they use. While 76% of social media users follow influencers through Instagram, TikTok is becoming the social network par excellence.

According to Puro Marketing, its algorithm allows people who are not well-known to engage followers with their content and gives them more visibility than other types of networks.

What TikTok has is that it prioritizes content over personalities, so it is essential for brands to work with trendsetters and an authentic channel.

Anyway, Twitch is the favorite of streamers for its monetization system, and the communities generated on this platform are exactly what advertisers are looking for. The key is to speak the same language as our target audience, and for that, we have our interpreters.

Happy Influencer Day!