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My marketing strategy doesn’t work anymore

Yes, it is possible that a carefully designed marketing strategy, made by an agency, no longer works and ends up wasting money and time. Making adjustments based on customer feedback and data analysis is what allows us to offer more satisfying and relevant experiences, driving loyalty and retention.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the signals indicating that our current strategy needs to be reviewed and significant adjustments need to be implemented.


10 signs that the marketing strategy is not working, according to Puromarketing

The message is too broad

We've all heard the saying, "Jack of all trades, master of none." When we are not managing to engage anyone, it's because we need to identify the ideal customer and direct all our efforts towards this segment.

No differentiation from the competition

When the product or service is similar to that of other brands, it is vital to create a unique value proposal and branding so that potential customers can distinguish us.

Without discounts there are no sales

If it seems like the only way to sell is by constantly lowering prices, it's necessary to communicate the added value of our products or services in a different way.

Investment without tracking results

When we do not record and analyze the results of our actions, we lose sight of the points to adjust and enhance.

Inconsistent communication

The message, logo, and content should remain consistent at all times and in all places to generate a positive impression and increase brand recall.

Failure to retain customers

It should be easier to keep current customers than to attract new ones, so something is failing. Strategies such as loyalty programs and personalized offers can be applied to keep them choosing us.

Limited online presence

Nowadays, without a website or profiles on social networks, brands and companies lose credibility. Investing in a solid online presence is mandatory so that potential customers can easily find us.

Neglecting feedback

Customer’s opinions are valuable for improving your products and services, so you need to proactively seek this feedback and use it to make improvements.

Forgetting the power of referrals

Word of mouth remains essential in any industry, so it can be helpful to implement a customer referral program so that current clients may bring others.

Zero growth

If the brand is stuck in a cycle where sales are not increasing, it's essential to consider new strategies such as direct mail automation.