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Influencers, why are they leaving Instagram?

In the past few months, some of the most influential people on Instagram have announced that they are leaving the platform, taking a break this year, or reducing the frequency of their posts.

Why? @TreceBits explains:

Creative burnout due to constant pressure.

Frustration with the constant changes to the algorithms.

Excessive dependence on trends set by Instagram.

Obsession with replicating the success of previous posts.

Pressure to always have posts highlighted and visible.

 Consistency in posting, as spacing out content worsens positioning.? Lack of control over their own business.

 Need to balance their personal lives.

Guilt upon learning about the mental health effects of social media on adolescents.

The risk is not unknown to Instagram influencers, but there are different crowdfunding platforms such as @patreon or @cafecito_app where they can build income directly from their subscribers.

However, Instagram is already working on a solution: Instagram Premium, a service that would allow followers to pay a monthly subscription to their chosen accounts, giving them access to exclusive content, both live and in stories.