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How can we optimize our appearance in search engines (SEO) with social media?

While it is undisputed that social media platforms are valuable for our brand to generate community, they can also be used to give it visibility and notoriety from an algorithmic point of view.

As @digitalmenta explains, social networks allow us to establish a connection with our target audience and, indirectly, increase traffic to the website. How?

By promoting our content, we can share articles from our site and increase reach. If we offer valuable products, appropriate to our audience, search engines will recognize the relevance of the website.

When the user finds quality in our brand, we will achieve engagement and, surely, they will share it on their networks. This works especially for acquiring trusted external links (backlinks).

On the other hand, our presence on social networks is essential for people to remember and recognize us while browsing the internet, generating trust and even organic traffic.

On Instagram, for example, we can use hashtags as if they were primary keywords, and in the text include other relevant but secondary terms. In addition, tags and mentions function as backlinks of a website. Remember that our account must be in business mode and that emojis should be used judiciously, as they cannot be decoded by search engines.