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Hot Sale: 3 Keys to Increasing Sales with Search Engines

What do we know about consumer behavior in 2022? How can we optimize our store during #HotSale and #CyberWeek?

According to @Google, there are three key data points to consider:

First, consumers prioritize price when shopping online, and in fact, 75% of people in Latin America are aware of discount events and start researching products between one month and one week before the event.

Second, we can leverage real-time demand data to anticipate what consumers want to buy, which allows us to adjust our strategy accordingly. The categories with the highest purchase intent are tech/electronics, men's clothing, and accessories.

Third, consumers are increasingly using shopping apps to make purchases, so it's essential to design active strategies that engage our audience. This year, the time spent on shopping apps increased by 48%, while website traffic increased by 87%.

Remember, buyers don't always have a specific product in mind, and more and more people are buying new brands and using search engines to discover other categories. Each search query is unique, so automation is crucial for the growth of businesses worldwide.