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Goodbye, Twitter

It is estimated that 90% of the logos that have been redesigned were less effective than the old ones. And yet, Elon Musk has announced a shocking change for his social network, this time in none other than the name and logo of Twitter: it will be called X.

Why fix what wasn't broken?

“The Twitter bird was more than a logo; it also fit the language used to describe the service”, says The Verge. The bird app, whose home button was a birdhouse, was a place where we wrote tweets by clicking into a feather icon.


Now we have an X as a logo, which is apparently based on a unicode character (𝕏), a feature that if maintained could mean that it is not possible to be patented. And the tweets would become "exes" (or "equises" in Spanish)...

In a world that moves at extreme speed, brands face the challenge to stand out aesthetically to be recognizable by their different audiences in every situation, so achieving timelessness in their visual identity is one of the most coveted goals. According to a study by Warc, those companies that resorted to the “latest digital fashion” to build their logo only made it outdated very quickly, generating more bland and less representative brands.

To differentiate yourself, you need to avoid following the crowd, because designs start to copy each other and they all end up being the same. A brand needs to be easily remembered and recognized by the public, maintaining a visual coherence to establish a connection between the visual identity and the perceptions associated with the organization.

If the aim is to have the ability to create a branding that transcends trends and lasts over time, why does Musk get rid of a brand positioned in the middle like the microblogging social network, just when another has just appeared that wants to dispute its market?

Logic indicates that the app we knew will no longer be the same. According to managers of the brand new X, the platform will be driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and will be focused on audio, video, messaging and payments. In their words: "the future of unlimited interactivity".

However, this rebranding does not come from a professional agency, but rather seems like a Musk’s fetish. The concept of using the letter X has become a constant in the nomenclature of many of the magnate's companies and products: SpaceX, xAI, the Tesla model X, and even one of its children is called X Æ A-12.

Perhaps Threads really is the promised oasis.