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Community Managers are a crucial role in managing social media platforms

Hi, please allow me to translate these texts into English as a digital marketing expert:

The person responsible for communicating with a company's target audience on social media to create brand presence is known as a Community Manager. Basically, their role is to implement digital strategies to achieve the communication and commercial objectives set by the brand.

But what does a CM do?

  • Plans content for social media within a certain timeframe.
  • Writes original and clear texts.
  • Guides clients in the purchasing process.
  • Establishes a positive connection with the community.
  • Manages crises, complaints, and claims.

Monitors the performance of campaigns.

  • The person who dedicates themselves to these tasks knows about marketing, trends, advertisements, design, and customer service. They have studied a lot and continue to constantly update themselves. That's why the position of a Community Manager is so important for a brand that wants to have a strong presence in the online community.

According to Puro Marketing, their work is evaluated with the following metrics:

The most basic, and sometimes the most obsessive, is the audience. It's the actual size of the audience we have on each social network, and generally, we aim to always have a larger audience.

Related to the above is the reach, which is the people we're going to reach through those who already know us. Clearly, this can be reinforced with paid ads.

The degree of involvement our audience has with our company and/or brand is known as engagement and is vital to know the impact of our actions on social media.

Interaction is another key area where we quantify everything our content generates: comments, retweets, mentions, likes, shared content, etc.

We could also mention influence, which is estimated by identifying the number of followers or readers of each influencer and the actions achieved from their participation.

Finally, there are conversions, which vary depending on the objectives we have, but show the percentage of our efforts that succeed. It can be anything from a purchase to a like!