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Advertising Day | When it's good, we can't get enough of it

The belief that an advertisement loses its effectiveness because it begins to "wear out" after a certain period of time is unfounded, according to a study by System1. "This obsession with the expiry date leads to the loss of an important asset: repetition to store in memory," they explain in Puro Marketing. Why do advertisers assume they have little time for that #advertising to work and that they must then remove it?

The study compared consumer reactions in the UK and the US, and found that British consumers have a more negative perception because the lifespan of ads is shorter. Repeat exposure to the same ad serves to keep it in the memory of consumers, provided there is creative commitment and good execution. It is no coincidence that we remember so well the advertisements of the 90s and 2000s.

In Argentina, National Advertising Day is celebrated on December 4th to reflect on the contributions of the advertising industry and analyze what it can do to improve day by day. Should we prolong the presence of our advertisements in the public eye? System1 ensures that reusing ads and making campaigns last longer "is not only efficient, it is also effective."