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5 consumption patterns for the 2022 holiday season

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    15 November 2022

It's time to adjust marketing strategies for the holiday season that this year will be marked by inflation and the "overcoming" of the pandemic.

A global study by Mintel indicates that 76% of consumers are concerned about price increases, so it predicts that 5 key consumer behaviors will prevail for retailers:

Buy now, pay later is the mantra. These types of payments - installments, coupons, refunds - will be prioritized, and digital channels will be used to compare prices.

Shopping is starting earlier. In order to save money, people are starting to look for gifts much earlier than in previous years. "We have to think in terms of offers, anticipate them, and perhaps this will lead to Black Friday becoming blurred amidst the avalanche of promotions," says PuroMarketing.

Environmental awareness is also present in gift-giving. Homemade gifts, recycled materials, second-hand items, or those with a community sense are more popular, especially among millennials and Generation Z.

Customer service is fundamental to neutralize negativity. Investing in employees and offering excellent sales and after-sales service will be the way to create non-monetary value.

Social media is used to discover products. One of the main reasons why consumers buy on platforms is to find new, fun, and bonding gift ideas and objects.