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The @marketingdirecto website, in collaboration with the Spanish Advertisers Association, has compiled a list of the ten main trends that will mark this 2022 for all companies:

1️⃣ The relationship with metrics, data sources, and their role in estimating return on investment (ROI) in media will be crucial.

2️⃣ Advertisers will tend to capture first-party data from their users and customers and invest in automating their marketing processes.

3️⃣ This year, the concept of the metaverse will be developed, and attractive use cases will be generated, both for users and brands.

4️⃣ Due to the decreasing fear of buying online, high levels of omnichannel are being reached.

5️⃣ Consumers are more aware of the climate emergency, and their purchases are adapting to reduce their impact on the planet.

6️⃣ The trend towards branded entertainment with purpose is gaining ground among people.

7️⃣ The "behavioral economy" is important, discovering biases and establishing "thought routes."

8️⃣ There is no sign of a start that implies growth in advertising investment during the first quarter or first half.

9️⃣ Social media will continue to grow in importance with audio and music, and virtual communities are already rivaling those of television.

Companies are seeking to shift towards agile structures for co-creation with customers, hybrid teams, and fewer hierarchies to optimize processes.

What do you think?

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