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10 brands that use influencer marketing

Every day, different brands reach out to social media idols to boost their presence on social media and expand their reach. These are people with a large number of followers with whom they interact frequently, even influencing their purchasing decisions.

Some of these #influencers can have a reach of up to 9 million users! In our country, they belong mainly to sectors such as beauty, clothing, aesthetics, and even food delivery.

Here are the top 10 Argentine brands that use influencer marketing:

1️⃣ La Roche-Posay International: only needed 366 mentions

2️⃣ Adidas Argentina: only needed 662 mentions

3️⃣ L'Oreal Argentina: only needed 412 mentions

4️⃣ Netflix Latin America: only needed 485 mentions

5️⃣ L'Oreal Pro: only needed 417 mentions

6️⃣ Zara: only needed 234 mentions

7️⃣ Puma Argentina: only needed 189 mentions

8️⃣ Mac Cosmetics Argentina: only needed 264 mentions

9️⃣ Ford Argentina: only needed 271 mentions

PedidosYa Argentina: only needed 551 mentions

How much do influencers earn? Fran Romero, one of the pioneers in content monetization on social media platforms, said: "Depending on the influencer, the product, the number of followers they have, and engagement, they can charge between $10,000 and $2,000,000 per post."

Thanks to @cronistacom for the info! The data is from HypeAuditor.